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Have a look at these movies produced in school by children from 6 to 16. Show them to your students and generate some ideas for your first production.

A Yr 10 project animating skaters  They insisted on including their favourite characters and the story took a different turn.



How we beat Napoleon with rotten turnips. A combined effort by students and teachers. Found a model of Martello tower in the bin. Hey, we could use that for an animation……

Yr6 s own take on the TV show

2D animation drawn onto computer with Complete Animator

Animals created in Macromedia Flash.

Just get out the car!

Went for this story to avoid problems with feet and walking.

Flash animation to show off an art project.

A Yr 10 epic of ducks, pollution, aliens, crime and romance.

Created by Yr.8 and Yr.9 pupils pupils using 3D Muvizu

A spectacular animated film by a Yr 10 pupil inspired by Jurassic Park

A brilliant 15min thriller by a Yr.10 student.

Made a load of bottle puppets in Art. Lets make an animation of it!

Yr 10 Interviewed Art Gallery staff -then made them into creatures - just like Aardman do on TV.


Yr.9s animating their own band.

A special hero.

Yr.10 Revenge of the Insects

Painted figures, backgrounds, cars, filmed from overhead.

Painted characters and background elements pasted together with recorded dialogue to make this Shakespeare production by teenagers in a special school .

Artwork and drama

by MLD students stitched together into a full narrative.

Horror !!!!

Midas.asf Halloween .asf