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We should really be teaching kids to use these things much more creatively. They are the big consumers of screen media. Lets show them how to make their own.

Geoff Clarkson Animation Enthustiast /Consultant  Available for workshops in school (locally) and remotely, for assistance, advice encouragement and support.

Fell in love with Animation about 10 years ago when I was the Art Teacher in a school for children with learning difficulties. Although I have ‘officially’ retired – I still enjoy going into schools to run animation projects. with children of all ages and abilities.

Our very first effort, all done in one double lesson with still digital camera. 128 shots -run a slide show at full speed -its a movie !

Simple But Its Animation Stories are usually told in words but can also be told in pictures. Make a slide show of 6 drawings, record and play 30 seconds of narration or dialogue along with that and you have a simple animation. Add some music and sound effects and you have a movie. People will stop what they are doing to watch it .They will give it their attention, and they will enjoy it.

Teaching in a special school, I found these sorts of simple animations wonderful for confidence and creativity in kids with learning difficulties.

Because its digital, you can build up the elements one step at a time. Why not work as a team, all do separate bits and then join it up, just like they do at Disney.

Arrived back in school one September to find the Art Room full of new computers, whiteboards, cameras, the lot. Wow ! what can we do with all this Kit?

Hey, we can make pictures move! We can make models move. How do you add sound? How do you make drawings move? We experimented and learned together, the kids loved it.